We are in the DOE and VITA numbers down

Deer in our back yard

Deer in our back yard

On March 11, (Friday) Barbara and I awoke to some see four visitors in our back yard. As you can see from the photo, four female deer ( a lot of doe) decided to stay with us for the day and eat our clover. I took some photos and occasionally they would look my way ( shot from our bedroom window), but mostly they just ignored us. Speaking of ignoring us….our VITA numbers are down over 40 percent this year. We had to move our library location from Wheaton Library to the Long Branch Library in Silver Spring. Instead of the normal 40-50 people per session, our tax group is getting only about a dozen per session. I guess the Long Branch Library is not as accessible as Wheaton. As of March 14, our numbers there are just below 250. But we just get more volume soon, as we only have a month to go!

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