VITA season approaches; IRS is Apprehensive about Filing Season

As I finish my last editing of our B-26 Marauder Reunion photos and photoshow,  my VITA tax publications are arriving from the IRS.  I got my first Affordable Care Act (ACA) publication and VITA certification test booklets for my group in the mail on Friday.  Looking at the ACA material and noting the lack of Congressional tax law completion,  I wonder if we will be able to cope the new directives and e-file our projected 700 returns without a lot of headache. We will do our best…..and hopefully the weather and my health will cooperate.

BTW…at our last WAMM B-26 meeting in Fairfax, VA on November 12, former astronaut Tom Jones ( who was present at the Ohio Marauder Reunion) came by to interview our B-26 veterans.  He also keep us updated on the Philae comet lander!

Nov 12 WAMM B-26 meeting

Nov 12 WAMM B-26 meeting

Former astronaut Tom Jones ( No, he does not sing!) is in the blue shirt.

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