Villages Honor Flights Visits Washington D.C. Memorials

Fellow retired WV ANG member William (Barney) Barnhart became Veteran guardian again as his Villages Honor Flight traveled to Washington D.C. to view some of the nations most revered veteran monuments. The Florida honor flight arrived at BWI on May 19…This was their schedule:

Depart American Legion 347 (the largest Legion Post in the WORLD) at 4:15 am
Depart Orlando Airport at 7:25 am
Arrive BWI 9:35 am
Depart BWI 10:35 am
Arrive Arlington for noon Changing of the Guard
Arrive at Air Force Memorial 12:40 pm for lunch
Arrive at WW II Memorial 2:55 pm
Depart the Mall area WW II Memorial at 5:10 pm

Barbara and I met them at 3pm at the WWII Memorial where I met Barney and his WWII Vet Fred Triese. A group photo was taken of all 35 veterans and their guardians and I was able to give out a bunch of my US blinking flag pins and other trinkets to the WWII, Korean and Vietnam Veterans. Barbara and I were able to accompany several of the men and women vets to the Korean and Vietnam Memorials. After that we took a cab back to Union Station to go home via the subway.

Villages Honor Flight on May 18, 2016

Villages Honor Flight on May 18, 2016

IMG_7691left half

IMG_7692 right half

IMG_7696 villages honor flight may 18 2016


IMG_7781 the Vietnam wall

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