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Important Dates for 2014 e-file Season *revised for 1041 dates

Happy New Year!
As you are probably aware, on December 18th the IRS announced a delayed start to the 2014 season IRS Announcement.  The information below details important dates you need to know to insure your season gets off to a great start!

IRS Opening dates for e-Filing are:

  • January 13th for Business returns
  • January 31st for Individual returns

Updated 1-6-2014 from IRS Quick Alert
Business MeF Production Start Up (except for 1041) is scheduled on Monday, January 13, 2014, 9:00 a.m. Eastern.
1041 Production Start Up (MeF and Legacy Systems) is scheduled for Friday, January 31, 2014, 9:00 a.m. Eastern.

Update Schedule:

  • January 6th release of the e-File activation update for installation in your software.
    • Program update 28.1 will be available from the TaxWise Solution Center
    • Federal Module updates will be available from the TaxWise Solution Center and Electronic Filing Center (EFC)
    • Bank Module updates will be available from the TaxWise Solution Center and Electronic Filing Center (EFC)
  • January 7th and 8th we will be posting the initial version of our states to the TaxWise Solution Center and Electronic Filing Center (EFC).  Refer to release notes for available laser forms and the status of state electronic filing.
  • January 9th our Electronic Filing Center (EFC) will begin accepting your e-Files (e-File activation update must be installed in order to transmit returns.  If you are not at the minimum version, you will receive an EFC Reject)
Important Guidelines for early season filing:

  • You may hold tax returns until the IRS can accept them; however, we strongly suggest that as you complete returns, you submit them to the EFC in the event IRS allows filing to start early.
  • EROs and Tax Preparers must advise taxpayers  that the returns will not be e-filed until the IRS can accept the returns beginning on January 31, 2014 (Clearly explain to the taxpayer that this means the period for processing the return and/or checking the taxpayer’s refund status cannot begin until January 31, 2014)
  • Stockpiling – The IRS does not consider returns held prior to the date that it accepts transmission of electronic returns stockpiled.
    • This includes when the IRS is not able to accept specific returns, forms, or schedules until a date later than the start-up of IRS e-file due to constraints such as late legislation, programming issues, etc. (For more details on stockpiling, see Submitting Electronic Returns)
Important Note:  TaxWise implemented a new feature called the Electronic Postmark.  This feature sends the date you created the e-file to the agency rather than the date submitted by the EFC.   TaxWise expires this date after 10 days which will require you to recreate any e-file that has not been submitted within the 10 day period.
What does this mean for you prior to the IRS opening on January 31st?
If you are going to submit “linked” state e-files we recommend that you wait on creating the state e-files until your Federal e-file is accepted during the month of January.   You can use the Return Stage to easily identify these returns.
What happens if I create the state e-file and it expires prior to the federal return being accepted?
TaxWise will generate an error 189 during the submission process that you can print out identifying the returns that need to have the e-file created.
What is the advantages of using the Electronic Postmark?
If you have a failed transmission on the due date, the date the e-file was created is sent in the e-file to the agency (Federal or state)

What is the advantages of the e-files expiring after 10 days?
There are many times during tax season when a federal or state update has been made available between the time the e-file has been created and sent if the e-file sits for more than 10 days.  

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