May Includes USO Fort Meade event, Graduation and B-26 WAMM Meeting

Barbara and I participated in a USO-Metro Community Connection event at Forte Meade, Maryland on May 9. We were assigned to the Bubble table that was located outside the McGill Training Center. We were not given a table, but the kids were great and enjoyed making the bubbles with our bubble guns and USO wands. (we had donated the guns) We were told by Beth that she had a photographer so I only brought a small camera to take a few photos. (The photographer’s photos were put on the USO Metro face page the next day…and they were not very good. But the USO seems not to want our photos any more.) We still had a good time and saw Katie (Cheezer the clown) again with her zany antics including showing off her Dominos Pizza ( a fake pizza with dominos!) I gave out some more blinkies too. And there was a nice Marine Drill Team performance.

We also attended a graduation of Pheona’s sister at Howard University on May 8. Letitia Cosbert, her sister, is now begins her career as a doctor in Pennsylvania. We did take some family photos for Letitia and Pheona, but only got a couple of the ceremony.

Bubble boy at USO Fort Meade Community Connection table

Bubble boy at USO Fort Meade Community Connection table

Finally we attended a B-26 WAMM meeting on May 13 at the American Legion post 177 in Fairfax, VA. We handed out photos and shutterfly books on our Flak-Bait tour of April 25.

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