Barbara and I see the Old Soldiers and Airmens Home in D.C.

Subject: An interesting coincidence about a WWII veteran I helped

I am currently reading the book, “Halsey’s Typhoon,” by Bob Drury and Tom Clavin I obtained at a used bookstore. It is very interesting since it is the story of WWII’s most unexpected disaster….Halsey’s ships are blind-sided by a typhoon of unprecedented strength and scope; battleships are tossed like toys, fighter planes are blown off carriers, destroyers are capsized and hundreds of sailors are swept into the roiling shark infested sea.

Interesting yes…..but more so since this week I was invited to the US Soldiers and Airmens Home in Washington D.C. ( )to help a taxpayer with his taxes under my Wheaton LIbrary volunteer tax assistance.

When I start interviewing him for his return prep, I found out that he served on the carrier WASP during the typhoon! He also served in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. What a hero.
He had taken an honor flight while living in California and really liked it, but then he showed me all his medals ( some were stolen from his room a while ago) , and noted that he was sad that he had no fellow to talk to about his Typhoon experience. But he was in very good spirits and
was happy to be a resident of Washington D.C. Though his eyesight was waning, his memory was still strong and relayed to me many interesting facts about his war service.
It was truly an honor to help him, and I gave him some flag pins at the end of my help session.

And to think he was sent to me for help ….while I was reading his remarkable story.

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