2014 Tax Season ends; Over 700 Taxpayers Served

April 15 has come and gone and another tax season was completed by the Wheaton Library VITA group handling over 700 taxpayers with nearly 650 successful e-filed tax federal tax returns. ( and about an equal number of state) We helped low income, senior and military taxpayers at the Wheaton Library on Thursday afternoons, Rockville Housing Enterprises on four Saturdays, and at the USO Warrior Center at Bethesda on selected days chosen by organizer David Heiser, a recent IRS retiree.
At the Warrior Center, the volunteers did not use the IRS Tax Wise software, but assisted the military TPs with IRS Free File. Free File is a partnership with various Tax Preparation companies and IRS where taxpayers go through the IRS web site to sign on with the tax preparation companies’ software preparation at little or no cost if they fit certain criteria. Military tax returns have an extra complexity, especially when dealing with state returns since the TPs home of record can be different from the state they are living in. But this was the first time the USO has helped military with their tax returns in the USA…and we did it!

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