Ohio B-26 Bomber Reunion photoshow a big success! BUT…

My  B-26 reunion photoshow is a big success! As of today…December 10, 2014 there have been nearly 500 views of the 250+ photos in the slide show. This includes three versions…my first initial photoshow, a revised edition, and a final version…( the middle revised version had 372 views.  This went out to many of the B-26 MHS members and families) This is the most views of a photoshow since my Memories part one and my early Austin Honor Flight shows.  The Austin Honor Flights views have dropped since they do not want to have photos with military members in uniform in the photos.  The USO has told me the same thing…due to the worry of attack on our military due to recognition of the members.

It is a sad commentary of  the times when so much is on social media and the serious photographers can not display their work.   Luck for me, there were no military in uniform for my Marauder photos!

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