Villages Honor Flight

Bud and Barney at the Korean War Memorial

Bud and Barney at the Korean War Memorial

Barbara and I went to the World War II Memorial on March 25, 2015 to greet my WV Air National Guard fellow retired Air Guardsman William “Barney” Barnhart who was there with his WWII Vet as part of the Villages Bob Kitt Honor Flight. Barnhart was Bud’s guardian through the entire honor flight. The flight had left Orlando Airport at 6:30am and arrived at BWI airport in Maryland three hours later.
The Florida Honor Flight then boarded their two buses and visited the Arlington National Cemetery, the Air Force Memorial (had lunch there), Marine Memorial (Iwo Jima) and then traveled the Mall where they saw the WWII, Korean, and Vietnam Memorials and a bit of Mr. Lincoln too. Barbara and I were able to travel with Barney and his Navy WWII vet Bud Schmahl for the latter four memorials until they left DC for BWI and back to Florida. Schmahl had been at Omaha Beach on D-Day driving the soldiers in a lading boat to the beaches. “It was just like the Steven Speilberg “Saving Private Ryan” and “The Longest Day” movies,” he noted. He also served in the Pacific.

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