We attend Family Day at the Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy facility in Chantilly, VA June 18

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Barbara and I attended the Family Day event at the Udvar-Hazy facility in Chantilly, Virginia on June 18 at the recommendation of Smithsonian B-26 Fla-Bait restorer Patrick Robinson. He told us that my former military unit from Martinsburg WV would be there with an aircrew and a C-17. We could not find Patrick during the event, but I photographed the 167th AW aricrew of SRA Drake, MSGT Joe Windle, LTCOL Marty Timko, and CAPT Ryan Gavina.
We gave them four flashing US flag pins and sent the photo to the unit’s newspaper Plane Talk. We also viewed the unit’s Super Connie in the hangar. We also talked to members of the Capital-Wing-of-the-Airmens-Preservation-Society World War II reinactor group. One was a Devastor fan and I told him of my meeting with George Gay of the Midway WWII battle. We aslo talked to the pilot and navigator of a Russian/ Czech built jet and a B-25 Mitchell bomber exhibit. I wished we could have stayed a little more and gone up in the balloon…but it was too hot and lines were too long.

167th Airlift Wing C-17

167th Airlift Wing C-17

IMG_7808 BARB (5)

IMG_7808 BARB (7)

IMG_7808 BARB (25)

167th Airlift Wing aircrew poses for me at Family Day at Udvar- Hazy

167th Airlift Wing aircrew poses for me at Family Day at Udvar- Hazy

IMG_7834 old thunderbird at udvar hazy family day june 2016

IMG_7839 russian plane

IMG_7853wwii reinactors family day june 18 udvar hazy

IMG_7868 wv 167th connie june 18 2016 udvar hazy

IMG_7889 family day udvara hazy jets

 Barbara and the WWII reinactor

Barbara and the WWII reinactor

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