Steve & Barbara meet Villages Honor Flight on 9/6

Barbara and I traveled to the World War II Memorial on September 6 to greet William “Barney” Barnhart and his Villages Honor Flight as they toured the D.C monuments.
We gave his group nearly 50 US blinking flag pins to hand out to the WWII, Korean and Vietnam War vets. They were scheduled to arrive at the WWII Memorial at 1:30 pm, but due to weather and other logistical problems, arrived one hour earlier at 12:30 pm. We also met three Liberty Ladies near the Lincoln Memorial who sang us a patriotic WWII era song for some flag pins! The weather was a rainy mess, but nothing like the reports of Hurricane Irma which was scheduled to hit Florida later on that week..We did get some good photos before leaving them at the Korean War Memorial. see photos; photoshow:

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