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Barbara and I attend USO-Metro 2018 Celebration of Volunteers

Barbara and I attended USO-Metro 2018 Celebration of Volunteers on April 21 at the Hotel at the University of MD in College Park, MD. We were not asked to take photographs at the event until we arrived there at 11:00. John Fallin noted that we could be semi-official USO photographers of the event which lasted until 2 pm. Due to my stroke problems with my left hand, I could not drive all the way to the facility. But my brother took us there and back. It was a very nice affair with a couple of admirals and lots of VIPS attending. You can see the whole thing in our photoshow at:

Wheaton Library VITA helps over 500 taxpayers in 2018!

Wheaton Library VITA helps over 500 taxpayers in 2018 with 375 -filed Aspen Hill Library returns and 131 military taxpayers helped at the Walter Reed Bethesda USO in a FSA guidance capacity at the site. The filing season end had some problems at the end with IRS computer systems that caused nation wide shut down and delayed processing. But the IRS and local states gave an extra day to file. But we have only a few rejects left that can not be I am very happy with our numbers and results! Next year, the whole tax system will be changed with the impletation of Trump's new tax I am apprehensive of the future...especially with the fact we will be getting no loaner IRS laptops. But we will probably stll keep Taxwise and not revert to Taxslayer software like most of the VITA/TCE community. Yes the future will be a real challenge.. & hopefully my left hand...